Before Overwatch 2, the Overwatch praise I used to know

Today we’re honoring the life of Overwatch 1, the groundbreaking hero shooter that debuted in 2016, bringing a whole new flavor to the genre and paving the way in the live service space. Overwatch was all about carefully crafted team compositions selected from an ever-growing roster of free characters, but launching on October 4 Observation 2 it marks the end of this game, both literally and figuratively.

On this day Overwatch 2 will not only replace the original game (After nearly 48 hours of downtime as Overwatch 1 will shut down on October 3rd, it will also bypass many of the gameplay features and aspects that made the game so special and special. Although it could be a symptom for the continuation of each game, and for some perhaps an exciting change (Blizzard’s Jon Spector said in a recent roundtable interview that the team “consistently received really positive feedback” on all the changes), it’s not ideal for many Overwatch fans. Only a few days left, so it’s time to give Overwatch 1 appropriate praise.

Overwatch won

(Image Credit: Blizzard)

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