Intel 34-core Raptor Lake-S processor shown, indicating possible HEDT boot

The unreleased 34-core Intel Raptor Lake-S Desktop processor was spotted by the people at Tomshardware at the Innovation 2022 event. The matrix was accidentally unveiled, and although there is no official processor yet to use it, it may appear in a future HEDT kit.

The unannounced bone of the Intel Raptor Lake-S processor contains up to 34 P-Core Raptor Cove cores

At the Innovation 2022 event in San Jose, Intel presented wafers to attendees of its Raptor Lake processors, but upon closer inspection, the bone did not match any of the Raptor Lake processors announced so far.

Intel Raptor Lake-S 34 Core / Wafer Shot Processor (Photo Credits: Tomshardware):


Just by looking at the size of each of the Raptor Cove cores on the wafer, it looks like this particular setup has larger cores than those found in the main line. At the moment, Intel has only released up to 24 cores and 32 thread dies. This top die will be placed on the flagship Core i9-13900K and Core i9-13900KS chipsets announced yesterday. So a 34 core bone will likely end up as a completely different SKU. In addition, the main lineup of the 13th-generation Raptor Lake-S uses a mix of P-Core and E-Core, while the 34-core bone uses P-Core entirely.

But that’s not all, aside from Raptor Cove’s cores being larger, it looks like the 34-core bone is equipped with a Mesh interconnect, not the Ring Bus used by mainstream circuits. Mesh connection is more popular in Intel HEDT, Workstation and Server offerings. Therefore, it is fair to speculate that it may be part of the HEDT / Workstation and not the Master SKU.

What makes this even more evident as the HEDT / Workstation offering is the fact that the full die is much larger to fit into an LGA 1700 or 1800 socket. The cores are also stacked in multiple rows. which is not in line with the dual-core rows we’ve seen in popular SKUs. There are also eight DDR5 memory channels that can be seen on the dice.

Intel Raptor Lake-S 34-core processor mockup. (Credits: Skyjuice @ Angstronomics)

SkyJuice from the tech outlet, Angstronomics, already has a 34-core Intel Raptor Lake-S matrix. The specific SKU should contain 34 Raptor Cove cores, 68 threads, 68MB L2 cache, 63.75MB L3 cache, 8-channel DDR5 memory, and 80 PCIe Gen 5 + DMI lanes.

It is likely that this matrix will be part of the Sapphire Rapids Workstation line, which will include several major Xeon SKUs. This “MCC” template will be between the LCC and XCC parts. The line is expected to contain a whopping 56 cores, 112 threads, 112 PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes, and will be compatible with the Fishhawk Falls / Eagle Stream platform (LGA 4677). You can read more about it here. We can’t say for sure when Intel plans to bring these chips to market, but most likely it should be next year as we didn’t hear anything about them at the Innovation event.

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