Verizon unveils the future of 5G home entertainment in a speech at Mobile World Congress

NEW YORK Today, Verizon executives attended the Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas, North America’s most influential connectivity event, to deliver an opening speech and reveal new partners, products and offers available to customers on Network America.

Krista Bourne, Chief Operating Officer of Verizon Consumer Group, and Erin McPherson, Chief Content Officer of Verizon, unveiled new offerings and leading partnerships for Verizon’s customers in home innovation, gaming, entertainment and sports.

Announced at the exhibition:

New home experience products designed with the customer in mind

  • In collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Verizon introduced the Verizon receiver. The new Verizon receiver will use the latest Qualcomm® 5G permanent wireless access platform and use all of Verizon’s powerful network technologies, including mmWave, C-Band and 4G LTE, with the ability to intelligently and seamlessly move between them.

  • With a 100% increase in upload speed, which means higher bandwidth and lower latency, the new Verizon router with a router will provide customers with industry-leading broadband connectivity and the most reliable home coverage imaginable.

  • The receiver is over 60% smaller and lighter than the previous generation, and is also completely waterproof – so you can install it indoors or outdoors as needed.

The world’s first 5G gaming handheld, the Razer Edge 5G

  • Verizon, Qualcomm and Razer will bring together the world’s first 5G gaming handheld built on the Snapdragon® G3X Gen 1 gaming platform and designed for high-performance gaming on the go.

  • This Android portable gaming device will give you access to your favorite games, whether they are downloaded to play locally, streamed from your console, or available directly from the cloud – across the 5G Ultra Wideband network.

  • Enter RazerCon on October 15 to find out more about this amazing new gaming system.

New services at + play

  • + play, coming soon, is Verizon’s one-stop shop for purchasing entertainment, gaming, music, wellness and more subscription services.

  • Verizon also announced that a new NFL subscription service, NFL +, will be available to customers for purchase at + play. The NFL + gives fans the freedom to watch local and the best live matches all season long on their phone or tablet. Fans can also listen to live audio from every game, broadcast the NFL Network live over the phone, and watch shows from the NFL library ad-free on demand. With an NFL + Premium subscription, fans can watch football on their schedule with full and condensed replays of each match.

  • The NFL is Verizon’s first major sports league to join + play, demonstrating the wide range of partners, content and services available on the platform.

“The powerful home internet combined with enriching, inspiring content subscriptions will change the way we live, work and play,” said Bourne. “We know devices are only as strong as the networks they are on. Verizon has the greatest reach and greatest depth for the best shore-to-shore speeds. We will look back at this time in our industry as a turning point for life, health and culture. 5G Ultra is now for all of you and it will make your life healthier, happier and more connected than ever. ”

“Verizon gives our customers the greatest value in entertainment, music, games and more,” said McPherson. Our new direct consumer platform, + play, will enable our customers to discover new content, manage existing subscriptions, and find exclusive offers and new content packages. With our launch later this year, we are delighted to give our customers more choice than ever in entertainment, gaming and lifestyle. The technologies we show and the topics we’ve covered at Mobile World show how Verizon powers and permeates entertainment and productivity. ”

Verizon Business demonstrates the superiority of the web

In addition to the speech and following the launch of Enterprise Intelligence on September 20, executives at Verizon Business shared their views, showing how Verizon’s 5G suite, 5G Edge, and private networks are transforming the way many of the world’s most innovative companies do business. .

“Verizon Business continues to demonstrate our thought leadership in the superiority of Verizon’s networks, products, solutions, partners and people,” said Massimo Peselli, director of revenues, Global Enterprise & Public Sector, Verizon Business. , we continue to be the global partner of choice for businesses and organizations around the world. When you look at Enterprise Intelligence, it means using our network to create a secure platform for the latest technology and partner solutions. discuss today’s network and tomorrow’s solutions in a way that resonates with organizations and inspires confidence and confidence ”.

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