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div>We are constantly inspired by the many ways customers tell us they use Alexa in their daily lives. These stories fuel our work to deliver experiences that keep getting better and more intuitive. We announce a line of new Alexa enabled devices and experiences designed to help you simplify your daily life so you can focus on enjoying what you love most. Alexa’s latest features build on this concept, offering families more ways to be entertained, personalize their interaction with Alexa, automate their smart home, stay connected and support each other away from home.

Fun new ways to keep the family entertained

We’re building new ways Alexa can help keep you entertained with a richer experience that brings more to the Echo Show entertainment offering. Here’s what we’ve been working on:

Fire TV is coming to the Echo Show 15
When we took off Echo Show 15, our vision was to deliver a device that could also function as a kitchen TV – only much more intelligent. Most households are already using the Echo Show 15 to watch movies, and we’ll soon be offering Fire TV on Echo Show 15. With this free update, existing Echo Show 15 customers around the world will be able to access Fire TV content. This will allow people living in the US, for example, to find and watch over a million movies and TV episodes from providers such as Paramount + and Showtime – the first on the Echo Show.

You will be able to easily find the program just by asking Alexa. For example, you can say, “Alexa, play Rings of Power“. Or, with the new Fire TV widget, browse shortcuts to recently streamed apps, recently viewed content, and your personal watchlist. You can tap the screen, use your voice, or pair your Fire TV to browse your Fire TV’s entertainment options Alexa voice remote control (3r & d Gene).

Creative Artificial Intelligence
With this new feature, kids can soon be co-creating stories with Alexa. By following Alexa’s instructions on the Echo Show, kids can select or customize animated characters – such as pirates, monsters, and astronauts – and Alexa will create an engaging story with captivating graphics and fun music, all tailored to their preferences. In addition to imagination, children can use a variety of templates and cutting-edge AI innovations to create a unique visual story, personalized for them.

Personalize your Alexa experiences

Image of four interacting people in the kitchen against the backdrop of the Echo Show 15 mounted on the wall.

Customers interact with Alexa billions of times a week, but we know every household is unique – so we’re adding even more options to personalize your Alexa experience.

Personalized routine content
Millions of customers use Alexa Routines every day, and soon Alexa will be able to deliver routine content that is specific to each person in the household. This new feature allows customers with an Alexa profile to receive personalized results for specific routine activities when recognized, including calendar updates, music playback, and traffic reports. For example, if you and your partner are both starting a routine by saying “Alexa, good morning,” each of you can start the day by asking Alexa to share upcoming meetings based on individual calendars.

Information about the weather schedule
This new Alexa feature will integrate and display weather information in a calendar view. In addition, you can receive a notification when the weather forecast may include rain or snow, which can affect your outdoor event up to 10 days, so you can plan accordingly.

Video sticky notes
You can now create recorded video messages for everyone in the house that can be viewed on the Echo Show screen or viewed in the Alexa app. You can use the message to wish someone good luck with a big presentation, share instructions on how to prepare for a family visit, or quickly remind you of a dinner time before you go home. Recording a note is as simple as saying “Alexa, take a video note” or “Alexa, take a note.”

Shop appearance
Alexa will soon make your shopping experience more personal and convenient with the new Shop the Look feature. This makes it easy to find inspiration for fashion, home and beauty products directly on the Echo Show. Review the convenience of voice control by describing what you want to see on the screen. For example, you can say “Alexa, show me green yoga pants” or find similar products by saying “Alexa, show me similar pants with pockets”.

Make your smart home even smarter

An image of a lamp sitting on a wooden table on top of two books, with a yellow container next to it.  The lamp is connected to a wired smart switch on the left side.

Over 30% of smart home interactions are initiated by Alexa without saying anything, thanks to predictive and proactive features like Alexa Routines, Alexa Hunches, and Alexa Guard. Now we introduce even more features designed to work in the background of your smart home.

“Alexa, turn off the lights in 10 minutes”
You can now ask Alexa to turn your connected smart home devices on or off at a specified time or after a specified time up to 24 hours in the future. For example, you can say “Alexa, turn off the lights in 10 minutes” or “Alexa, turn on the fan at 6:00 PM”, which makes it easier to manage your devices on a schedule.

Edge extensions
The Alexa Edge extensions will soon enable the 4th generation Echo and Echo Show 15 devices to act as a hub and provide extended functionality from previous generations of Echo devices on the same home network. For example, your Echo Dot will be able to connect seamlessly to the Echo Show 15 to adjust volume, control lights, and get the date and time – even without an internet connection. You’ll also be able to leverage these hub devices to enable local voice processing for supported devices.

More control with remote switches
Alexa will now support remote switches, offering the benefits of a wired smart switch, but the ability to be placed anywhere without cabling. Remote switches can handle routines, allowing Alexa to read messages or turn off all lights in the house with the push of a button. We’re also adding two new routines to give you more control of your home with remote switches. You can set an action that can turn the light on and off, or adjust the brightness of the lights and dim them by 25% each time you press a button.

See multiple live streams on Echo Show devices
By the end of the year, you’ll be able to simultaneously view up to two compatible smart home cameras on the Echo Show 5 and up to four on all other Echo Show devices. For example, on your Echo Show 15, say “Alexa, show my cameras” to simultaneously see the smart home camera in your nursery and see who is at the front door without switching between camera views.

Stay connected on the go

An image of the car's interior showing part of the steering wheel with a hand on it and the car's screen showing 8:14.  A phone is connected to the car, which shows the Alexa Auto mode settings on the screen.

Customers often tell us that they want access to Alexa wherever they are so they can add items to their to-do or grocery list, get the latest meeting updates on their calendar, or check notifications – all hands-free. Now we’re adding even more features and services to keep you connected while on the go.

“Alexa, call the roadside assistance”
With Amazon Roadside Assistance, you can ask Alexa to call a roadside assistance provider who will assess the situation – whether it’s a flat tire or out of fuel – and give you the help you need. You only pay for the services you need, and soon you can access roadside assistance through your Echo devices, Echo Auto, or the Alexa app.

Pick up from Whole Foods curb
When your Whole Foods Market curb pickup order is ready, you can ask Alexa to notify you on Echo devices at home or, if you’re on the move, receive notifications on Echo Auto and via the Alexa app. When notified, you can simply say, “Alexa, check in to Whole Foods” and let Whole Foods Market know you’re on the way. Alexa will send you a welcome message with instructions on where to park and how to notify team members that you’ve arrived to buy your purchases.

Improved feeling on the go
Soon, after enabling this feature, Alexa can proactively notify you on Echo Auto if she has a feeling you have left, no one else is home and the front door is unlocked. When you hear the notification, you can ask Alexa to block it for you using only your voice.

More ways to communicate with loved ones


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Two pictures side by side.  The photo on the right shows a woman walking, looking at the phone and the notification text box that sounds

Using Alexa for communication is convenient and simple. Easily stay connected with friends and family with hands-free features such as calling, incoming and notifications. We are now introducing some new features to further streamline the process.

Captions for cellular calls
Call Subtitles already allows real-time subtitles to be displayed for Alexa calls made from Echo Show devices. We’ve now extended this feature to the Alexa app while dropping in or making calls, helping deaf, hard of hearing, or in noisy or noisy environments to communicate with others outside the home. This feature is available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, and is supported in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Custom alerts
Alexa Together is a service that aims to help older customers feel more comfortable and confident living independently, as well as provide peace of mind to their families. This service offers an aging loved one hands-free access to Urgent Response – all day, every day – simply by asking Alexa to call for help. This feature enables up to 10 caregivers to stay connected throughout the day with snapshots of their aging loved one’s interaction with a smart home device and activity alerts. Clients let us know that these alerts help families stay informed, so we make it easy to customize them. Soon, caregivers will be able to receive notifications when motion is detected from an intelligent sensor in a specific room, when the smart light is turned on at an odd hour or at a quiet time, when the connected smart lock detects that the door is open.

These features will be released in the coming months. We’re excited to hear what you think, and we’re creating even more experiences with Alexa.

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