Far Cry 6 may get the GOTY edition despite no rewards

The collage shows different characters from Far Cry 6 from different updates.

Image: Ubisoft

The image found in the back room of the Xbox online store seems to reveal that Ubisoft is getting ready to launch the “Game of the Year Pass” for Far Cry 6. It’s … okay I suppose, but the question arises: Which side thought it was the best game of 2021 and gave it such an award?

Last years Far Cry 6 was a good game. I said the same in my review. It’s a solid open-world shooter with some cool ideas, a wonderfully detailed tropical island to explore, and a few floppy disks that don’t quite work. Hey, it’s a Ubisoft game, this last part is required by law. Although I liked it, here we are Fr. my box didn’t call it our Game of the Year or anything like that, and no other sites have called it that either. Or so I thought.

As data explorer Aggiornamenti Lumia first noticed on Twittera leaked image from Microsoft’s Xbox Store seems to reveal a new upcoming digital update Far Cry 6called “Pass to the game of the year.” It’s probably just rebranded The “Ultimate Edition”, possibly containing new content, but mostly old DLC and updates bundled together into one large package.

my box contacted Ubisoft about the DLC content disclosed.

But whatever, I’m not here to delve into what could be in this new, still unconfirmed GOTY update Far Cry 6. Instead, like others online, I’m here to question its very name. Seriously? Who called there in 2021? Far Cry 6 game of the year? Of course I can imagine some die-hard fans on the web felt that way, but that doesn’t seem enough to guarantee a full GOTY edit, update or whatever. Were there really websites that also felt like this? Well, it turns out. At least two, but I have a few questions for them.

Firstly, on the list of Best Games of 2021website with gadgets and games BGR gave Far Cry 6 its best place. It’s not the same as Game of the Year, but it’s the site that calls it the best game of 2021, and close enough, especially when so few other stores have done something similar. However, the note attached to Far Cry 6 it’s a bit weird naming Far cry an “old game series” franchise in which most people feel “obliged to play”. He then mentions that the latest sequel has a great story “like all the others.” games from the series ”and says some might even call it the best entry. But it sounds like BGR it is not so certain.

I’m looking around, another page that gave Far Cry 6 his game of the year was EFTMtechnology and cars lifestyle site. It’s formally declared Far Cry 6 the best game of 2021. Oddly enough, the blog posting this news starts with a statement Call of Duty She’s fantastic. Then it turns into a barely bound thought of how, when new Far cry games released, it’s time to “drop everything and play”. What if I keep my drink like a buffalo the moment new? Far cry the game comes out? Can I hold on to this?

EFTM writer Trevor Long explains that Far Cry 6 it has a great story that you can ignore as well, but also hasn’t finished it yet and might never finish it. And while I don’t think you need to finish the game to review it or have critical thoughts about it, I think you should finish it before you call it the Official Game of the Year. But hey you, Trevor.

I finally found one more page that thought Far Cry 6 may be the best game of 2021. This is a high school website called Storm media and in the 2021 review Far Cry 6, the author suggests it might be the best game of the year, but he doesn’t get involved. Sorry, Ubisoft.

So yeah, technically, Ubisoft Far Cry 6 has received several official awards or honors for the Game of the Year online. Sure, it hasn’t been since IGN or GameSpot aboutr Kotaku or Polygon or Computer player or RPS or VGC or Player or Gamerant or Game reference or…

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