iOS 16 has a new auto-verify feature that can bypass CAPTCHA prompts by automatically and privately verifying a user’s device and Apple ID via iCloud. This feature is designed to eliminate the need to tap traffic light images or read intricate text to prove that you are a real human, not a robot.

Auto-verification is limited to sites and apps that support private access tokens, but the implementation of this feature should significantly speed up thanks to Cloudflare, which announced today that it is providing a free API called Turnstile for any website that wants to eliminate CAPTCHAs – even if the site is not. Cloudflare customer.

Cloudflare explained how this technology works in a blog post:

Private access tokens are built directly into the turnstile. While Turnstile needs to analyze some session data (such as headers, user agent, and browser features) to verify users without questioning them, private access tokens allow us to minimize data collection by asking Apple to verify the device for us. Additionally, Turnstile never looks for cookies (such as a login cookie) or uses cookies to collect or store any information. Cloudflare has a long history of investing in user privacy, which we will continue with Turnstile.

The turnstile is available in beta starting today via the Cloudflare dashboard or registration form. As websites start taking the turn, the incidence of annoying CAPTCHA codes on websites and apps will decrease over time.

Automatic Verification is enabled by default on iPhones running iOS 16 and can be found in the Settings app under Apple ID → Password & Security → Automatic Verification. This feature is also supported on iPadOS 16.1 and macOS Ventura, which are still in beta testing and will be released in October, according to Apple.

(Thank you, Scott Buscemi!)

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