New Fire TV Omni QLED: Amazon gets scary content detection

Amazon is serious about its TVs. The new Fire TV Omni QLED series promises better picture quality and features than the company’s existing TVs, and includes a new “ambient” experience that uses sensors to detect your presence in the room.

All of this has a price aimed directly at mid-range models from established brands such as SAMSUNGTCL and Vizio. The new models were announced as part of the Amazon device event on Wednesday. The Fire TV Omni QLED series comes in two sizes – the 65-inch model for $ 800 and the 75-inch model for $ 1,100 – and is now available for pre-order.

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Your TV knows you’re here

Just like the existing ones Omni-directional televisionnew models respond to Alexa voice commands hands-free, but they go one step further. “When not streaming, the Omni QLED series uses built-in presence sensors to detect when a person enters a room and switches to a beautiful and informative environment,” says an Amazon press release. If that sounds scary, you are not alone.

When the sensors detect that you are in the room, the screen lights up to show graphics, widgets or other content. The art comes from a collection of 1,500 photos and works of art, and includes the collections of the National Gallery of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago. And unlike Samsung Frame televisionsall art is free on Omni QLED. If you don’t want it to show graphics, the TV can also display your own photo collection.

Amazon Fire TV Omni with Ambient Widget Display.

Screen widgets can appear as part of the environment.


The TV can also display a range of widgets, such as calendars, reminders, sticky notes or message headers, as well as control smart home devices such as thermostats and Ring tones. You can also ask the TV to play music, with or without the screen on.

The system is able to understand the context of the environment. It will turn on automatically during the day, for example, but not at night. You can use a physical switch on the TV to disconnect the microphones. There is also a do not disturb function that turns off ambient operation at certain times, and a menu setting to turn off presence detection entirely. Amazon claims that it does not detect the identity of the transmitted data regarding the use of this feature.

The ambient experience on the Fire TV Omni QLED is similar to the modes on Samsung and LG TVs, both of which display on-screen graphics and widgets when the TV is turned off, but with the added automation of presence sensors. The idea of ​​a TV that detects your presence is also nothing new – Sony did it in 2009 for example, as a way to save energy – but none of these TV makers have the same kind of AI and database as Amazon Alexa.

Image enhancement kit

Even if you choose to turn off all ambient features, Omni QLED can still be attractive in terms of image quality. Are equipped local full screen dimminga feature that usually improves contrast and HDR by independently controlling the brightness in different areas of the screen. The number of zones controls how precise the dimming can be, and while more zones don’t necessarily mean better picture quality, w my experience as a TV reviewer it usually helps. The Omni QLED has 80 zones on the 65-inch model and 96 zones on the 75-inch model, which is more than Vice MQX for example, but less than TCL 6 series.

QLED“stands for the quantum dots that enable the television to achieve better color and brightness compared to other TVs, although Amazon does not provide a brightness specification on the nits. Omni QLED supports most HDR types, including Dolby Vision IQwhich uses an ambient light sensor to adapt the image to different lighting conditions.

Game features include operation Automatic low delay mode and Variable refresh rate. Unlike some mid-range TVs, it does The refresh rate is 60 Hz, not 120 Hzso it cannot take advantage of the highest quality 4K / 120Hz output With Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Omni QLED has Amazon Fire TV built-in streaming system. It comes with the standard voice remote, not the company’s new Voice Remote Pro. Amazon is also not making any changes to its existing Fire TV Omni and 4-Series TVs, which remain on sale.

Separately, Amazon also announced a new one Alexa Voice Remote Proupdated Fire TV Cube and a feature that adds a Fire TV streaming menu as well the ability to use the Fire TV remote control for the Echo Show 15.

The Fire TV Omni QLED series is coming in October.

Price: 65 inches, $ 900; 75 inch, $ 1,100
Release date: October 2022

Omni versions of QLED Fire TV Omni not only update to QLED screens compared to the current Omni, but have sensors that detect when you are in the room to trigger the display of graphics, widgets or other content.

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