Overwatch 2 Early Impressions: It’s Still Overwatch

Yes it’s true: Observation will be closed on October 2. And after all day maintenance, it will be replaced forever Observation 2. But this transition from the original game to the sequel is not like going from The last of us down The last of us part 2 – one story does not build on the other. Think about Observation 2 as an addition to the original, with lots of significant changes.

When Observation 2 will be released on October 4, players will immediately jump into the same competitive and regular queues they are already used to. There are new maps (there are a lot of them), but most of the old ones are also playable. There is also a new mode called Push which is basically an iteration of Escort. Instead of escorting a truck across the map, players fight to control a large robot that advances the barrier on opposite goal lines; whoever gets the robot farthest wins. Most heroes have their stats changed and some skills changed. For example, Blizzard has removed a lot Observationstunning skills. Mei’s Ice Pistol no longer freezes enemies and Cassidy no longer has a flash.

Most importantly, matches now have five players per team instead of six. While it doesn’t affect that much of each character’s actual mechanics, it absolutely shakes up the overall strategy of each match. Above all, Observation 2 feels much faster than that Observation. While tanks are now more difficult to destroy, the game speed feels chaotic – in a good way – when playing as a damage champion. Combine this with the ultimate skill of the new hero Kiriko, which speeds up movement and rate of fire, and you get matches that unfold at breakneck speed.

Entry to Observation 2 as out of date but very dedicated in the past Observation player, the differences do not necessarily seem big enough to check Observation 2 brand new game. But they challenge the habits that have remained since I last picked the game in 2018; I may have been a player deeply in love with Mei’s ice gun and relied heavily on it to freeze players. Observation 2in this case, it means rethinking the way I play a character like Mei – and this thought process and these changes also involve the way I play other characters.

Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

It’s worth noting because I was playing ObservationI opened up Observation 2 during the press access period to find all heroes already unlocked. New players will start Observation 2 with 13 heroes and unlock the rest by playing a certain number of games. For example, you can unlock Mei after playing 70 games and the progress for winning those games is doubled. The last addition is the Echo, which can be unlocked after 150 games. Moreover, if a new player is grouped with someone who has already unlocked the entire squad, the squad will be open to the entire squad while you play together.

Initially, I was shocked that new players wouldn’t be able to play as some heroes right away, limiting the number of character changes that are sometimes necessary to progress and win a round of Overwatch. But I figured it makes it Observation 2 more accessible to a new player who might find someone like the Wrecking Ball difficult to play at first. Also new players probably he won’t be changing characters anyway to counter the enemy team at this stage.

It’s been a long time since I played the original Observation that it’s hard to tell if Observation 2 it is “better” than its predecessor. The updates are fun, and learning about new maps and new heroes – new voice lines and finding frequent story surprises is refreshing. But whether it’s “better” or not, Observation 2 it’s still a lot of fun. Still exciting is the D.Va bomb landing exactly right where you planned it or feel like you’ve gained superpower when you shoot Hanzo in the head like a pro.

I’m glad to try out the still-coming PvE mode that may break Observation 2the reputation of a true sequel. Until then, his contagious energy will have to suffice. In its momentum and sheer ferocity, there are still very few games that hit like Overwatch.

Observation 2 will be released on October 4 for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch. The game was played on PC using a pre-release download code provided by Blizzard Entertainment. Vox Media has affiliate companies. They do not affect the editorial content, although Vox Media may receive commissions for products purchased through affiliate links. You can find more information on Polygon’s ethics policy here.

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