Sackboy: The Big Adventure is coming to PC on October 27

Sony Interactive Entertainment publisher and Sumo Digital developer will publish Sackboy: Big Adventure for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on October 27, the companies announced.

Sackboy: Big Adventure first launched on PlayStation 4 worldwide and PlayStation 5 in North America on November 12, 2020, and then on PlayStation 5 worldwide on November 19.

The PC version will support 4K resolution at 120 frames per second, ultrawide monitors, NVIDIA DLSS and a variable refresh rate.

Pre-orders include the following four additional Sackboy costumes:

  • Connor – Cyberlife android prototype with Detroid: Become human.
  • Jin Sakai – Fearless samurai warrior with The spirit of Chuszima.
  • Deacon St. John – the outlaw motorcyclist with The days are gone.
  • Sam Porter Bridges – The fearless courier from Death of the Strand.

Here is an overview of the game via Sony Interactive Entertainment:


Go alone in an epic race against a time full of dangers and dangers, or create teams of two to four adventurers to have fun and work together to solve nefarious tasks as you can imagine. Can you save Craftworld from the villainous Vex and his nightmare Topsy Turver … and become the legendary Knit Knight?

So far …

The vile Vex (an almost mythical being born of chaos and fear) kidnapped Sackboy’s friends and forced them to build his Topsy Turver.

This most horrifyingly twisted device will transform the Craftworld from a fantasy land of pure imagination and innocent dreams… into a scorching, barren nightmare.

Oh devil!

But the legend tells of a prophecy from the depths of the ancient Knitted Knights, the legendary defenders of Craftworld.

Only the brave, fearless, chivalrous and, yes, brave, can save the situation in a race almost too dramatic for words, against a time full of dangers and dangers.

So many dangers.

Set off alone or with your bravest friends on a whirlwind of capers through the snowiest mountains, the leafiest jungles, the wettest underwater kingdoms and, um, the most extensive space colonies.

Defeat Vex. Save the people from the bags. Save the day.

Time to fulfill your destiny, Sackboy.

From a wool miracle worker and a hero from Hesse … our Knitted Knight will be created.

Dangerous platforming experience.
Explore here, there and everywhere through distinctive handcrafted landscapes across Craftworld.

Use Sackboy’s cool, varied set of moves to tackle a huge variety of exciting challenges, fierce enemies, and surprising surprises.

You’ll never know what’s coming next in this inspiring and downright fun epic adventure that you’ll want to play again and again.

And again.

Key Features

  • Collaborative, chaotic, and exhilarating multiplayer – Gather your favorite friends, family and neighbors. It will be wild and woolly. Create teams of two to four adventurers and take on challenges in local and online banter-packed events with everyone at the seams.
  • Groups can play throughout the game – including several co-only-only levels – as you work together to tackle nefarious tasks as you can imagine, from ingenious team tactics to pure silly luck. What you need! Discovering yourself is an amazing experience; but going on a journey of discovery with friends, family and neighbors is truly unforgettable.
  • Stuffed again. Re-sewing. Packed again. Throw it out to Me! – Known for his antics in the blockbuster Little big planet The PlayStation series, Sackboy hits the PC world full of sweet moves and cool, game-changing gadgets. Hilarious, fearless, creative and heroic. Here’s Sackboy unleashed – stuffed again, stitched and re-buckled for a whole new generation of adventurers.

Computer functions

  • Sackboy <3 PC Games! – Craftworld’s top technicians have developed a number of impressive graphics and performance-based games so you can get the most fun out of this amazing adventure on your PC.
  • Oh, nice artwork! – Explore the colorful and crazy lands of Craftworld in stunning super-duper sharp 4K resolution! Be amazed by the beautiful, detailed high-definition images generated by NVIDIA’s groundbreaking Deep Learning Super Sampling technology – for NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards or higher. You look good, Sackboy!
  • Wow, super fast game! “Vile Vex doesn’t take a break, so you need to be able to keep up with his mischievous plans.”
    Jump into fast-paced, frantic action with increased FPS, support for up to 60fps *, better load times with the right hardware, and variable refresh rates.
  • Take control! – Save the day your way! Experience deeply immersive feedback and dynamic triggering effects designed specifically for Sackboy: Big Adventure playing with a PlayStation 5 DualSense controller via a wired connection to a computer. You can also play with a wide variety of other gamepads or completely change all keyboard and mouse controls.
  • Panoramic Antics! – Explore the heights and depths of Craftworld with a deeply immersive field of view with support for an ultra-wide 21: 9 configuration.

Check out the trailer below on PC.

Announcement trailer for PC

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