The Morning After: You can write on Amazon’s latest Kindle

Amazon’s storm of new hardware contained something many of you might have been waiting for: a stylus-enabled Kindle reader. Yes, the Kindle Scribe comes with a magnetic stylus and a 10.2 inch display with 300 ppi resolution. You don’t need to load or sync your Scribe stylus, and you can use it to take notes, keep a journal, and annotate the books you read. From next year, it will also be possible to send Microsoft Word documents to the Kindle Scribe. The Kindle Scribe will start at $ 340 and arrive on November 30.


Yesterday, Amazon also revealed the extended Fire TV Omni lineup. Two high-end 65- and 75-inch QLED models have been added, as well as a redesigned Fire TV Cube. There’s also a new sleep tracker gadget, more Echo speaker updates, and refreshed Ring cameras. There was…

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It is a follow-up to the recent premiere in Asia.

Sony says its loyalty program will debut in the Americas on October 5, and that Australians and Europeans will have access to it on October 13. The program is free, but you will get benefits if you are a PlayStation Plus member. You’ll be able to earn rewards by completing activities and campaigns, from the simplest (playing any game once a month) to the most demanding (being among the first to win a platinum game trophy in your region). These loyalty points can be spent on a PlayStation Network wallet, digital collectibles and hopefully real world items.

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With twin-engine driveline and air suspension.

The first Polestar electric SUV will be officially presented on October 12. The company introduced several premium features that you would expect, including air suspension, active shock absorbers, and torque vectoring, comparing them with other EV SUVs such as the Mercedes-Benz EQS and the Tesla Model X. The company said that Shoots up to 372 miles in the European WLTP cycle (much smaller in EPA terms). It will also include a semi-autonomous highway driving system.

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No more waiting lists for “kitten sleeping in a shoe box”.

Open the AI

The well-known OpenAI image generator is now available to everyone. If you want to create art, you just need to register and describe the works you want to produce. You will receive a finite number of credits which will be topped up every month. It’s still unclear whether the art generated by AI is fair use or stolen. Getty Images recently banned the use of material for fear that it might infringe copyright.

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And it costs a little more.

After many years of trying, Oura was finally able to sand a flat edge from her smart ring. The company is updating the third generation of its ring, originally released in late 2021, with a perfectly round body. The Oura (Gen3) Horizon retains the same set of advanced sensors as the existing model. The new Horizon can be ordered now for $ 349, while the existing ring still costs $ 299.

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This was due to UK sanctions against sham referenda in Ukraine.

Russia has removed all iOS apps from VK, Russia’s second-largest tech company. This includes the social media app, which is the fifth most popular in Russia, and others such as and VK Music. This move was made in response to UK sanctions against the Russian government. Apple has confirmed that it has removed the apps and closed VK’s developer accounts. “These apps are distributed by developers, most of which are owned or controlled by at least one UK government sanctioned party,” said a spokesman. Shoulder.

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